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North Fork Beaver Creek Waterlines | 45°29'48.1"N 122°21'00.7"W 

50 feet long
Found sticks, branches, and logs

Terra Incognita was an interdisciplinary, site-specific land art exhibition featuring over twenty-five talented artists on the 4.5-acre private site of The Verdancy Project. Terra Incognita ran for two deeply immersive weekends of artist-led engagement with land and environment, stewardship, and beauty. Visitors embarked on an intimate journey of discovery of art hidden in woodlands, fields, ponds, gardens, and creeks.​

My artwork involves time spent in the landscape paired with research of maps, navigation, weather patterns, climate change, and horizon lines. I combined these elements in my work to create connections between the macro and micro elements of the natural world. At the Verdancy Project, you cannot see the whole creek, you only see it from vantage points. For Terra Incognita, I mapped the creek with GPS by walking in it with fishing waders. This allowed viewers to be able to see the shape of the creek that runs through the property on a smaller scale.

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